Cuneo’s new swimming stadium: where ceramics and water meet

The use of ceramics in swimming pools, spas, and wellness centres is a fascinating case – about which we have already talked in this article – in which earth and water meet, creating unique spaces.

This is what happened with this project by Alessandra Raso and Matteo Raso dedicated to Cuneo’s new swimming stadium. This project has earned the architects of Turin-based Studio Cliostraat a special mention at the tenth edition of the International Architecture Grand Prix award ceremony.

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Cuneo Swimming Stadium: the project

The focus of this project was not only on the swimming stadium but also on its accessory and service spaces. Moreover, Studio Cliostraat has given a central role to ceramics from an aesthetic, practical, and functional point of view, thereby further emphasising these spaces.

The Grand Prix jury awarded this special mention because:

This project was designed focusing on both the swimming pool itself and the service areas, enhancing the high potential of ceramics, which plays a key role in the overall quality of the intervention both in terms of function and composition. The result of this original graphic-decorative design applied to the flooring and walls, as well as the care of every single detail is anything but ordinary despite the use of standard materials and sizes.

In its article dedicated to this project, Area magazine quotes Alessandra and Matteo Raso:  

“Casalgrande Padana has allowed us to create eye-pleasing icons for the transit between the barefoot and footwear areas thanks to tailor-made tiles with a “flip-flop” icon and the seamless alternating white and blue décor at the top of the vertical covering across all spaces.”

Find out more about Unicolore, Granito 1, and Architecture to learn more about the materials used for this project, the collections and series of ceramic tiles selected by architects and designers.

Ceramics for swimming, wellness, and pools

Spas, swimming pools, and wellness centres, and any place with a pool (for sporting, therapeutic, or medical purposes) are a special field of application for porcelain stoneware tiles. The Swimming Pool section of Casalgrande Padana’s website is dedicated to them and to the architects and designers who develop ideas for this sector.

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