Pininfarina designs the Earth series for Casalgrande Padana

Earth is the new series of ceramic slabs, which was presented during the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings (Cersaie) 2015. The Earth series by Casalgrande Padana is an addition to an already rich catalogue and moves further in the direction of research, experiments and mixes different worlds and styles.

“Working with Casalgrande Padana has allowed us to make the most of all our competencies, from industrial design to architecture, capitalising on our knowhow with materials, which comes from our work in the automobile sector. Earth by Pininfarina is a collection with a unique style, which combines craftsmanship with the most modern production techniques, offering versatile and sophisticated solutions for all fields”.

(Andrea Pininfarina, President of Pininfarina)

When thinking about the most relevant novelties with the Earth series, the brand Pininfarina quickly springs to mind. They have branded this new series, making it the very first collection of tiles that has been designed by this historical brand from the world of automobile design.

Since 1893, the name has been linked to car bodies, the design of ever innovative lines of cars, so the brand has an undeniable legacy. This can be seen through the choice to add, to these porcelain stoneware slabs, little details which seem to be delicate hints and fleeting forays from other style kingdoms, into that of ceramics. The world of Pininfarina is part of this, made from roaring metal, precious wood, metallic paint, leather interiors and coloured details.

“We have always manufactured state of the art ceramic materials with a perfect balance between natural resource protection, environment protection, advanced technology, economic growth, and social responsibility. We wanted to join two outstanding examples of Italy’s excellence, namely Casalgrande Padana and a leading name in Italian industrial design. Our encounter with Pininfarina was particularly stimulating from a creative point of view. We have worked hard on this collection, focusing on innovation, both in terms of technology and form. The result is a range of products with a unique design, which sets itself apart from the various imitations of natural materials available on the market.”

(Mauro Manfredini, Commercial Director of Casalgrande Padana)

Our Earth slabs, produced by Casalgrande Padana, are in fact the result of combining the knowhow of the historic company from Sassuolo and a design brand which is just as well known, with the objective of bringing life to a unique collection with a distinctive character. In the Earth series, the distinctive character lies in the combination achieved in the ceramic slab’s texture; there is a particular motif, which — when touched — seems to come from the fusion of three distinct materials (all from the world of cars): glass, leather and fabric. This mixture, as can be read in the official presentation of the Earth series, creates:

“[…] a strong multisensory effect. The result is warm and cosy to the eye, whereas, at a short distance, you can appreciate its innovative texture and tactile three-dimensionality”.

Pininfarina and Casalgrande Padana, however, have not only paid great attention to the tactile elements, but they have also focused on colour. With the Earth series, there is a wide palette of colours, which allows for their creative use in various settings and scenarios.

With this tile system, created by Casalgrande Padana, the creativity does not end there, however. The Pininfarina brand is applicable not only to the tiles, but also to the décor, according to the demands of the architect or the customer’s taste, making each use of them more personal and more creative! Another final plus, is that this series of ceramic slabs, by definition, is designed for:

“[…] any use, ranging from private villas to luxury hotels. EARTH provides interior designers and architects with the ideal tool for creating simple and elegant or dynamic and highly sensory environments.”

To get to know the Earth range better, and the process that led it to become a reality, we invite you to check the link to the official site, and leave a comment on the Facebook post dedicated to this wonderful project…

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